Issues and Policies

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Affordable Housing: Creating the Family Self Sufficiency Program

Affordable housing is an important issue for our city. While our city has grown in leaps and bounds, rental prices are out of control and the idea of owning a home is still too far out of reach for many families. There are many programs we can make available for families, and policies we can put in place to help in the struggle. In speaking with affordable housing experts and community members, this issue has become my top actionable priority when I'm elected. One such action I support would be establishing a Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program. FSS is a program that enables HUD-assisted families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependence on welfare assistance and rental subsidies. That program, combined with rent control measures and other best practices for affordable housing will keep our city moving forward.

(See READ MORE for more info on the FSS program)

Increasing the Minimum Wage

While the state of Maryland has adopted the increase of a $15/hr minimum wage, many experts say it will be too little too late by the time it’s fully in effect. Currently, there is nowhere in the state of Maryland, Salisbury included, where the livable wage is less than $16/hr. I would like to see Salisbury adopt a more inclusive living wage, one that doesn’t leave out vital segments of the working population, and quicker timetable for wage increases. Higher wages will only stimulate the economy and increase our growth.


The Eastern Shore, and Salisbury with it, will be one of the first places in the nation to see the effects of climate change. As a community, the City of Salisbury has worked hard to implement environmentally conscious policies at the heart of everything it does. If elected to Salisbury City Council, I will use my position to always push for sustainable practices and policies.

Citizen Engagement

I will engage with our resdents by making myself available for regularly held public discussions and Q&A's, online engagement, and having an open door policy for anyone in the city to bring issues to me, no matter the subject.